the finnimore files
the surname spelling

T his first section deals with the great variety of different spellings of this surname. In both this work, and also in Memorials of the family of Fynmore, WPW shows a table with births from the indexes from 1877-1881. However, in this table he has left out Finnimore, Fennimore and Fennemore, and in the table in the other book he has left out Fillmore.

S o, here is a table which includes all these, but does not include those names for which there are no births, so it is a bit easier to interpret.

T here is a project underway to index all the UK births, deaths and marriages, and, as at the 1st May, 2009, the year range 1877 to 1881 is '99%' completed. The figures for all these surnames have been checked against the latest indexes, and the new data is in this table.