the finnimore files
Books about Finnimores

There are three books that would be of interest to anyone researching Finnimores.

The trial. The first of these is The Trial of Humphry Finnimore, written in 1779, by an anonymous author. This pamphlet of some 42 pages concerns the trial of Humphry Finnimore ‘reputed to be worth 40,000 pounds’. In 1779 that would have been the equivalent of many millions today, even though he is described as 'a labourer'! Mind you, the booklet is said to cost ‘one shilling’, which was probably not insubstantial either. One of the interesting things about the text of the original is that it uses the ‘long s’, which looks very much like an ‘f’. Reading the text is often very difficult, as words like ‘suspicion’ appear as ‘sufpicion’, ask looks like afk, also is alfo, and so on. Here is a sample.

Fynmore. Humphry is one of the Devonshire Finnimores, and his family is mentioned in the second of the works produced here, Memorials of the Family of Fynmore. This was published in 1886, and was written by W.P.W. Phillimore.

Phillimore. The third, Genealogy of the Family of Phillimore, was jointly authored by WPW and Lord Phillimore, and was published in 1922, which is some time after the death of WPW.

For anyone researching the name Finnimore, it's useful to know a bit about WPW. The P stands for Phillimore - that's right, his name was William Phillimore Watts Phillimore. Luckily, he took a great interest in the name, and he was an expert genealogist.