the finnimore files
the census records

The census - by which is meant primarily the British census, or rather, England and Wales. The first census was in 1801, and the first that is of real value to family history researchers is that of 1841. In 1851, the census included details such as 'relationship to head of household' and 'where born', which made it even more valuable than the 1841 census. The census has been done every ten years since 1801, with the exception of 1941, when the troops were a bit busy in Europe.

There is a project underway to index all the UK census data, and the Mormons have done the 1881 census which is freely available. A lot of the available data has been searched and various versions of the Finnimore name have been extracted, and then an effort made to 'reconstruct' the family groups.

This project is ongoing, and details will be added here progressively. The aim is to establish exactly which family groups were in residence in each English county in each census year.