the finnimore files
Genealogy of the family of Phillimore

This book was published in 1922. The text here has been scanned in from a microfilm copy from the British Library. Part I was written by W.P.W. Phillimore and Part II by Lord Phillimore (Walter George Frank Phillimore, 1st baron, 1845-1928).

Part I consists of eight sections or chapters, although they do not appear as 'chapters' in any index or table of contents. The eight sections are:- The surname, its spelling; The origin of the surname; Finmere and the family of Finemere; The distribution of the names; Ancient records; The Finamores of Whetham; The early Cam Phillimores; The Phillimores of Cam and Uley.

The first five of these eight sections are more general, and the next group deal with the Phillimores in particular.

The first five, i.e. the general sections, have been done. However, they are in varying different formats, and this work is *not complete* by any means.