the finnimore files
Memorials of the Family of Fynmore

This work was written by W.P.W. Phillimore in 1886. While it concerns primarily a particular family of Fynmore, the author deals with the origin of the surname, and, in several appendices, outlines entries from various parish registers in different counties.

This work is not yet finished - the first link will take you to a web version of the book, but it is not yet complete. The other links are to PDF files - the first is a document corresponding to about the first five pages only. The second link is to the section concerning Devon (plus a few pages either side). The third link will take you to the first third of the appendix, about 15 pages. The second page of this appendix, page 36 of the original, is not yet done.

Thanks to Wendy for the Devon section.

Here is what the original looks like, though you need to look one page at a time.